ARGO movie poster

Argo Movie Review


ARGO movie poster

So last night I watched Argo. I have to say it was a great movie. Before I begin my movie review, I have to mention that I always feel like I am the only guy I know who is willing to like Ben Affleck. Openly! I appreciate this comes off as odd but for some reason there seems to be this stigma associated to Ben Affleck. Lets not forget his effort with Matt Damon on “Good Will Hunting” which won the Academy award for Best Writing (original screenplay) back in 1998.

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Salmon Fishing One Sheet_SalmonFishing_OneSheet

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Movie Reivew

Salmon Fishing on the Yemen

On the weekend I watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I have a massive crush on Emily Blunt so tend to notice movies with her in them more. I am also a big Ewan McGregor fan after going on the Long way Round journey. Needless to say this movie was far more impressive than just looking at Emily Blunt!

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The Black Keys Live

The Black Keys live….

I went to watch The Black Keys last night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. What a show!

I was really into the simple stage set up and the group of people I went with scored some tickets just off the stage.

The set list was awesome!

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