The value of Information Technology

I think we have lost the meaning of IT. IT is now this function we all need to run businesses. If we step away from the acronym we find these two words however. Information Technology. There is quite a difference when you then look at the definition. As far as Wikipedia is concerned the definition of Information Technology is the acquisition,  processing,  storage and dissemination of vocal,  pictorial,  textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications. Wikipedia then goes on the define IT as the management of the domain space known as Information Technology. So why I am going on about all this? I attended a presentation where by a CIO was presenting ways on getting “The Business” to understand the value of IT. It was interesting in many ways as he tried to propose that value <> money/cost savings and that there needs to be this shift from that thinking by “The Business”. Now I agree in many ways with what was said but to me it is almost more fundamental. Let me explain. Much like anything we learn. Even more specifically we learn behaviours. From a very young age we learn to talk and walk. We learn behaviours such as how to deal with people who disagree etc. In this analogy I would like to propose that we all learned what IT is by either watching someone who know IT well or by being branding the geek yourself. If you are the geek there tends to be a very long line of people in your life who then depend on you for your tacit knowledge of all thing IT. Where am I going with all this? I now ask the question. If IT is the management of Information Technology what are you, Joe-Blogs, managing? Now lets shift this to a corporation. The ones who do not know/understand are “The Business” and ones who are the token “Geeks” all live in the IT function. Inside this function they manage Information Technology. Or do they? In order to provide value back to any organisation you need to put an IT function place that is empowered to manage many aspect of the company IT. Yet IT still tends to be this fringe concept that is tied to costs savings. I recently read that back in the day cost and time for someone to have a hotel used to be astronomical. This was tied to the fact that there needed to be far more employees to maintain the premises due simply to the lack of technology to speed things up. Has the IT industry potentially matured into a function that is given away for free and as a result the value of Information Technology itself is valueless?

  • techvishal

    Well I dont agree with the last statement, and everybody has their own point of view about worth. stop the internet and see what happens. ask the innovators, they’ll have a different view.

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      Id veutnre that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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      That addreesss several of my concerns actually.

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    Thanks for the comment. I am not sure I agree with the last statement as well. But it would seem there is evidence to prove corporates are spending less year on year on IT as a function and expecting the same levels of service.

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