ARGO movie poster

Argo Movie Review


ARGO movie poster

So last night I watched Argo. I have to say it was a great movie. Before I begin my movie review, I have to mention that I always feel like I am the only guy I know who is willing to like Ben Affleck. Openly! I appreciate this comes off as odd but for some reason there seems to be this stigma associated to Ben Affleck. Lets not forget his effort with Matt Damon on “Good Will Hunting” which won the Academy award for Best Writing (original screenplay) back in 1998.

Onto the Argo movie review…

I had been told this was a good movie and after seeing the initial trailer was looking forward to watching it. The whole story feels like it has the “made in Hollywood” stamp all over it. The irony is, is that’s the point. Going in I knew very little about activities in the Middle East especially the interactions in IRAN. I suppose the fact the details that make up this movie were classified until 1997 didn’t help. Either way, this was an edge of the chair movie. At the highest level this is a rescue mission run by the CIA to rescue 6 Americans who escaped becoming POWs when an American Embassy was overrun by militants. Ben Affleck plays a sort of CIA maverick who comes up with a plan to build a cover for the 6 escapees that has all the odds stacked against them. The movie does not really have the character development I like but the window of time is much shorter so that’s to be expected. It’s meant to be a roller coaster ride and I had my harness on! As it is based on true events you can guess the outcome. But this is not about the ending. It is about the journey and I felt like I was there every step of the way. The attention to detail is amazing in this movie. Be sure to sit through the credits to see the comparison photos.

Final rating for this movie is 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a movie where time does not seem to exist as you race through historic events.